So here it after 6 years of scribbling, procrastinating and “researching” – it’s done. Well actually not really it’s just the start – most of what is in the first draft won’t be in the final draft. This one is a starting point i.e. if I was making a vase in pottery class this would be a lump of clay, it looks kinda like a vase and it might hold water but it has holes and looks pretty dam ugly.  Printed off and it’s in a drawer locked up away. In 2 weeks I’ll take it out and re-write it completely for my second draft  

Reached page 69 of the first draft and I haven’t left the house for days. Desk is a mess, I have notes coming out of my ears It’s hard to keep track of every single character – what they’re doing in the scene, before the scene, after the scene and between the scenes. When I started writing I thought I knew these characters but 69 pages in they are actually telling me who they are and are dictating much of the script. It’s not a straight write through – I’m always going back changes things, updating biographies and backstories. Researching the most random things  

Step outline done while I was in Granada this Sept. It’s an outline to try and pin down a story – what you see below is set of cards, each representing a scene in the film. I started of writing physical cards because I wanted to lay them out and move them easily by hand.  There’s something about touching the cards, feeling of the scenes in your hand seem to make it more real. So far we have 58 cards.