Granada Nights

….everything is about to change

It’s been a month now and the characters are born, just like any newborn they can’t speak now, but occasionally blurt out various words or sentences that tell me a little about where they come from and who they are.

I also figured out my method, which isn’t sitting in Battersea Library with an empty page and books around. However I did get a rough sort of ending but like all things this will probably change over time. At least I know what the journey is, i just need to figure out how he gets there. So now I write at home with Spanish music and Shea Seger screaming from my speakers, pictures of my drunk friends from Granada, empty streets and the typical Alhambra picture stuck on the wall. Watching shows/films similar to the idea/message i want to communicate is important at this stage

I also realised I’m gonna have to spend a few months in Granada working on this script. It should be fun – getting close to what it was like. Probably spend 2 months there in January 2008. I’m just realising that things are not going to be the same, I’m constantly thinking about the story, about the game and the characters are always there. Next year a lot will happen and things will change… this is not a hobby, a scribble, a half-abandoned idea – its a story I’m devoted to tell.

It all starts here..

you cant imagine whats going to happen…
…everything is about to change…

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