Granada Nights

In the Elevator

10474191_10154810945680431_2933331323144961277_nAt first it’s hard to talk about a project that’s taken several years of  blood, sweat and tears to develop. I know the story I have is amazing, the doubt comes when you’re unsure of how people will respond. I spoke about Granada Nights at Micro-Budget Mentor evening last Thursday and it was the first time I talked about the film outside my circle of friends. The result was great as I received a fantastic response, a lot of of support and interest in the project and I thank everyone involved. It helps greatly!


During the week I also gave advice to a director on how to shoot/produce his first short film. No matter if you’re a Director, Producer, Writer, Actor or Runner, I think everyone who works in film works for the passion of expressing something meaningful (even Michael Bay!) and it’s our responsibility to support and encourage people to push forward and follow their passions, no matter where they are on the ladder.

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