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Long distance relationships don’t work?

An American guy I knew once was in a long term relationship with his girlfriend. They were almost two years together until she had to travel to Spain for a summer abroad programme. Just before she left they decided to put their relationship on hold. They agreed the last thing they wanted to do was to have Skype dates everyday or talk on facebook – she didn’t want to feel obligated to be constantly in touch and he wanted her to make the most of her time there without worrying about him – so they agreed to go on a break – put their relationship on hold

Problem is he started to miss her, really miss her – his life was incomplete. So he decided to quit his job, sell his car and travel to Spain to be close to her. He enrolled on a one month spanish course and arrived in Spain.

Perfect right, he made the grand romantic gesture to be with her. But after a few days he noticed that he never had any alone time with her. Everything they did involved someone else, checking out the tourist sites, eating at restaurants, drinking in bars and hitting the clubs – not once was he left alone with his girlfriend.

So one night he confronted her about it and they had a big fight she told him that the reason why she broke up with him before she left wasn’t the fact that she was on an ERASMUS course, it was because she didn’t love in anymore. He didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t get a ticket back to the States and he was stuck in Spain.

What should he do?


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