Granada Nights

Midpoint Crisis – Two pages forward, One page back


Sometimes I think this film script will never end. A few weeks ago I completed the first half (60 pages) and I was moving onto the second half. How WRONG I was! I went back and changed a few things and after three full days of work I have redone alot of scenes and I’m happy with it for the time being. I’ve done the first half!!

Only problem it’s 70 pages and not 60 pages which is the midpoint target. Something happens around page 60 that makes the Protagonist fully commit to something. I know I don’t agree with screenplay gurus who say this should happen on this page and so forth. Story can’t be too calculated but I can’t also expect the audience to commit to 70mins of film and not have the Protagonist full commit anything back to them.

So when I started writing this post I was happy I reached the midpoint in my 6th draft. Now as I end this post I realise that I need to cut 10 pages down and rework on it even more. It maybe two pages forward, one page back but it’s still progress.


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