Granada Nights


[heading element=”h3″]Synopsis[/heading]

BEN (24, British-Asian) is stuck in a rut. Life hasn’t turned out as he planned. His girlfriend HELEN is studying abroad in Granada, Spain and has stopped returning his calls. He drops everything and heads to Spain to save his relationship. Unfortunately it’s too late, she’s moved on with another guy.

Distraught and heartbroken, Ben moves into a hostel and meets AMELIA (32, Australian), who encourages him to make the most of being in Spain but he struggles to adapt to the foreign culture. It’s only when he meets a group of teenage, study-abroad students, OSCAR (Norwegian), LUCAS (Spanish), ANNA (Chinese), SILVIA (Italian) and BIG DAVE (USA) that he starts to push himself out of his comfort zone.

Ben decides to stay, enrols on a Spanish language class, moves into their apartment and soaks up the various cultures that inhabit the city. From Moorish influences to Flamenco Gypsies, he tries to find a sense of belong in a city full of foreigners. However behind every corner there’s always a reminder of Helen and his struggle to move on and find closure.