Granada Nights


The storybook kingdom of Granada is one of the oldest most complex, magical and beautiful places in Spain. Granada is tucked against the Sierra Nevada mountains of Andalusia in Southern Spain. A city in a country that gave us the Spanish Inquisition and anarchy. Christianity and Islam traded places, shared space and the effects and influences of all those things are evident.

Granada also has approx 80,000 students which contributes to a large proportion of the living population. Every year 10,000 foreign students flock here to study. There are also many forms of foreigners; from Moroccan migrants, British expats, gypsy cave dwellers to holidaymakers.

It’s own rich history and architecture illustrates conflict between different cultures which makes this city and important character in the story an will be reflected in the aesthetics of the film.

Each location reflects Ben’s journey and becomes a character in it’s own right. The script was written at the actual locations, which adds a sense of authenticity and realism to the film. This allowed me to storyboard and shot plan the film at a very early stage.

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