Granada Nights

The first chupito

And so it starts, an idea, a memory, a picture in my head. Two years ago I left my job, my flat, my comforts and my inhibitions in London and went looking for adventure or to just get lost is a place unknown. I wanted to disappear from the world and be surrounded by the unfamiliar. That’s what took me to Granada and from the very first few hours of landing, things changed.

Two years later its the end of another crappy summer and I’ve been back to Granada at least 6 times since my first trip. In the last couple of months I have met up with many of my mates from Spain. Sitting around talking about the highs and what made that time special. Maybe it was the place, the people, friends or the combination of chupitos, girls and many bottles of vodka. Whatever it was, it was a moment – a moment where time stood still and we had no worries.

Some people say you can’t capture it, that it can’t be done and so why do it?

Why.. because I have a story to tell, a film to show and a moment to capture.

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