Granada Nights

There’s always a better idea

better ideaI spent the last 10 years working freelance in Advertising and if there’s one thing that I’ve learnt it’s that there’s always a better idea. There’s always a better way of doing things. However sometimes better isn’t always best because sometimes you just need to get the dam thing done!

Granada Nights is finished..well the sixth version of the screenplay is finished and if I was a traditional filmmaker I would say it’s the best thing since sliced bread. But the truth is because of my Advertising background I always get a feeling that there’s a better scene, a better idea to convey a message in a particular scene and I can’t just leave it. Most screenwriters and filmmakers don’t get swayed too much, they have their vision and they can adapt (but only do so when the Producer tells them or when things go wrong!). I’m constantly adapting and changing the script and I don’t think I will ever get the Eureka moment where I think it’s done. To be honest it’s never done until you see actor play the line and even then it’s in the editing room in post production where you might get a sense if something works.

I won’t set myself a deadline. I use to tell my teacher “I don’t believe in deadlines, they stifle my creativity!”, but then I would get detention and be forced to finish the work! There will probably be a point this year where I have to stop at some point but that would be based on a Producer/Investor giving me detention if I don’t finish it and hand it in!

Until then, the very last moment I believe you shouldn’t settle with what you have, there’s always a better idea.

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