Granada Nights

Write or be written

I havent updated this blog for a while. Theres a reason..im lazy. I have the detailed outline of the script already done and now im working on the scene to scene detail. The hardest thing isnt to write the script, but not to get carried away with where its heading. I have to think im not a producer – im just a writer at the moment. Its hard not to think ahead with how to get money, whos going to fund, where im going to get cast and crew.

Script is evoloving too and its hard to categorise what genre it is: coming of age, self discovery, comedy, rom-com, drama etc etc I need to get the right balance between drama and comedy. Im watching Scrubs at the moment and didnt realise how good it was balancing complete bizarre dream/slapstick comedy and sharp sarcasim with drama and self discovery. Obiously the script isnt at this extreme but its a good example that balance is very important. It cant be too serious and it cant be too funny…..it just has to feel real aka Swingers/Reservoir Dogs/Glue like.

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